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Original Audio: Sebastian Schubert
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In Germany as in many parts of the world there are rivalries between neighbouring towns. This is also the case With Cologne, where during Carnival days, the word “Alaaf”! Is given as a salute to and by the revellers, where in other cities such as their rival city Dusseldorf “Helau” is said. This story is about a girl who’s boyfriend used the wrong word during Carnival in Cologne and as you can see, was well reprimanded.
Also in this song you see that the young man wore a ‘gladbach scarf. This as an abbreviation of the city of Moenchengladbach who are Darby rivals of Cologne football club.
The term “Fasching” also means carnival in German but is usually referring to the southern states of Germany such as Frankfurt am Main or Munich and Not Cologne.
This version is made through request as the Cologne accent lovely as it is difficult to the untrained ear, it is not a copy or tries to take anything away from the original video which can be enjoyed
Under this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvZuWzExFp0 


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